Jew York Social

Tu B’Shevat in the City

This Friday night marks the start of the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. For those like me that are a little rusty on our Hebrew School lessons, it is the “new year” for the trees, marking the time when plants emerge from their hibernation and start growing anew.

Growing up in the suburbs, it was fairly common to see trees and plantlife begin to emerge once again from winter slumber around this time. Living in New York City, the changes are a little less obvious. We get to wear lighter coats and can leave our scarves at home, but the concrete jungle largely remains the concrete jungle – save for occasional trips to Central Park.

For me, this time of year marks a shift in thinking – a shift of thinking away from the stagnancy and solitude of the winter and into the exciting developments of spring. Still being fairly cold, it’s not beach weather, but it’s a hint of things to come. A chance for our ideas and new goals to start growing again and taking shape.

Without seeing the trees, we can still take notice as the season changes. What does it mean to you?