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When Hanukkah and Christmas Collide

– Written by Michael B –

I’m sure we all remember a few years ago when Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlapped – retailers started selling the menurkey, a turkey-themed menorah. The overlap in holidays this year, of Christmas and Hanukkah, is much more common and as I’ve found recently, more intertwined than I previously realized.

Growing up and going to public school, I was fairly familiar with Christmas songs. We would learn a number of them to sing along with a Hanukkah song so my fellow Members of the Tribe weren’t entirely left out of the fun. As an adult singing in a cappella groups, I learned that many of the Christmas and winter-themed songs we were singing were, in fact, written or composed by Jews!

White Christmas. Silver Bells. Winter Wonderland. Santa Baby. I’ll Be Home For Christmas. The list keeps growing. It’s rather amazing how many popular songs were Christmas were written by those who didn’t celebrate the holiday!

How do the simultaneously occurring holidays affect you? What strange overlaps have you found in your own life?